Mercer Freshmen Move In

1:28 PM, Aug 18, 2013   |    comments
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For many incoming freshmen, moving into the dorms is exciting, but at the same time stressful trying to get everything in the dorm room. 
Well when Mercer freshmen arrived to the dorms this morning, lugging all of their stuff from home was one stress they didn't have to worry about. 

That's because upperclassmen, members of the football team and other volunteers did the heavy-lifting. They brought in items from the suitcases of clothes to refrigerators up to the freshmen's dorm room. 

For many freshmen, the gesture was a nice welcome to Mercer. 

"That's very nice, because otherwise it would have been my daddy the whole time and not me. So it's kind of nice to have these people kind of lift up my stuff, and I don't have to worry about getting them upstairs and all that," said Rudy Bond, an incoming freshman. 

And for the upperclassmen, they say they're excited to greet freshmen the same way they were greeted when they first started. 

"It's tough work I am definitely not the strongest person out here. It's a good thing we got some footballers, but it's worth it, I mean, it's worth helping these people. And I mean I love that they did the same thing for me and I just want to help other people," said Elise Riggins, a sophomore. 

"I loved it because I had so much heavy stuff and then having to pack it from home was already a hassle it just made it, it made my day a lot easier when I saw all of these volunteers they are all nice and they are all willing to help, help me settle in," said Nora Essien, a Mercer sophomore. 

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