Macon Unveils New Design for Rosa Parks Square

9:20 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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A small plaque is the only tribute to Rosa Parks in the square named for her in downtown Macon, but city administrators hope to change that.

Mayor Robert Reichert unveiled a new design for Rosa Parks Square to city council members Tuesday. He says the plan includes, "A new sign to identify it as Rosa Parks Square at the corner of First and Poplar Street, and to put benches in, and a new vertical granite wall for Rosa Parks with her plaque on one side and a little bit about her on the other."

Some city council members hope that will help others learn and appreciate Parks' influence on the civil rights movement.

"I think the design, the park is just wonderful. Families can go, school kids can go and find out more about and pay tribute to this wonderful woman," says council member Elaine Lucas.

The redesigned park will also have spaces divided by trees and hedges for people to pay tribute to others who have made their marks on the community.

"So rather than having them scattered across the lawn, you have them in individual rooms, perhaps with a bench where you can sit and reflect on the person that's being honored," explains Reichert.

For now, the city is focusing on the Rosa Parks memorial, which is estimated to cost around $13,400. Reichert hopes to eventually have the money to add a bronze statue of Parks and the other memorial spaces.

Reichert hopes to have the Parks tribute finished by December 1st, which marks 58 years since Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on a bus.

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