Wilkinson Co. Man Says Mold in Schools Caused Health Problems

12:48 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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With the amount of moisture in the air, mold has become a persistent problem this summer. 

Apartment buildings and even schools across Central Georgia have been plagued with mold.

Wilkinson County schools are no different.

Mold started growing earlier in the summer. The custodians were called in to clean the carpet,  That's where the problem took root.

But the more Jeremiah Crockett, a custodian, cleaned the harder it was for him to breathe.

"It was like a python or elephant start squeezing my chest," he says.

Crockett was diagnosed with bronchitis. It took a week for him to recover before he went back to work. This time, he asked for a mask.

He alerted his principal at the Middle school because of the potential health risks to students.

"From there he's supposed to take it to the superintendent," says Crockett.

"Do you think you've done enough to raise the issue?," 13WMAZ's Judy Le asked.

"I hope I am because children are getting sick. They are in an unsafe environment," he says.

The superintendent, Aaron Geter, knew that the schools had a mold problem this summer but he believed it was all cleared up. 

After we showed him the photos from Crockett, he said he walked through the schools and didn't see any moldy areas.

"I don't think mold is a serious problem. I haven't had to deal with anything particular from the health department or anything from that nature," Geter says.

But to Crockett, the problem is real and it's still there.

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