Macon-Bibb Mayoral Candidates Campaign on Final Weekend Before Election Day

5:50 PM, Sep 14, 2013   |    comments
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With three campaign days before Tuesday's election, candidates spent Saturday pushing their hopes of becoming the first mayor of the new consolidated Macon-Bibb government.

Joe Allen, a retired firefighter, interrupted his campaign to participate in a fundraiser for injured firefighter Eric John.,

"I could be politicking today but this is more important being with one of my firefighter brothers," Allen said.

Throughout the campaign, Allen said he's the most qualified candidate for mayor. He also said he think he knows what people want this election year.

"I believe voters are most concerned about issues of job that I have heard," Allen said.

Charlie Bishop, a former county commission chairman, also attended the fundraiser, one of several events he plans to attend.

"I got up early this morning, started again," Bishop said. "You know I am a work horse and not necessarily a show horse."

Bishop also said he's the most qualified mayoral candidate, because "I have the education and experience necessary to carry out the duties of the mayor."

Bishop also thinks he knows what voters wantt.

"They are concerned about crime and concerned about jobs and they want the city cleaned up," Bishop said.

Political activist David Cousino spent Saturday helping clean up a west Macon neighborhood.

"I am out here helping, doing the clean up projects in Bloomfield," Cousino said. "We are doing a clean-up at Village Green."

Like Allen and Bishop, Cousino believes he's best qualified because he's never held public office.

"I am the outsider looking in and I am able to work with everybody in the community whether you are rich or whether you are poor," Cousino said.

"Voters are concerned about the crime and the education," Cousino said. "If you don't get the education, you end up with crime so we really need to work on a one to one basis."

Former Mayor C. Jack Ellis made personal contact with voters across the city.

"Everywhere that theres a voter this weekend, there we will be," said Ellis who also said he believes he knows that on the minds of voters.

"Jobs, crime and the cleanliness of the city," he said.

Bibb Commission Chairman, Sam Hart began his campaign day by attending a prayer breakfast at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church on Millerfield Road.

"We are just trying to make sure we get into the neighborhoods and make those final face to face appearances," Hart said.

"This is an important election and I think it is important to have a a quarterback who could lead this new team in the appropriate direction to make good decisions," he said.

What's on voter's minds, Hart said. "How in the world do we get good jobs and how do we grow our neighborhoods?"

Mayor Robert Reichert began his day by breaking a sweat at a three-point one mile road race, another event for the injured firefighter.

"later, he said, "we're going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ragans Park out of Masseyville Road."

"Voters this year are especially concerned with the economy and improving the conditions in the city of Macon, reducing crime, new job opportunities, and increasing the quality of life," he said.

The mayoral candidates meet in Tuesday's election. Repeated attempts to reach write-in candidate Anthony Harris were unsuccessful.

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