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Government Shutdown Worries Midstate Lawmakers

11:55 AM, Oct 5, 2013   |    comments
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While Democratic and Republican officials in Washington continue butting heads over the federal budget, some state lawmakers believe they should take a page from Georgia's book on successful compromise.

State Sen. Cecil Staton, a Macon Republican, said Friday Congress hasn't approved a budget because of its on-going fight with President Obama over the Affordable Health Care Act, also know as Obama Care.

But Staton said it's time for some true statesmen to step up in Washington and resolve the crisis.

"While they're debating the issue," Staton said, "go ahead, as think Republicans in the House have tried to do, let's pass the budget for other areas that aren't related to Obama Care."

Staton said the stalemate is hurting about 4,500 civilian federal workers.

"I don't know why we would hold hostage families that are associated with our military, our civilian military workforce, while we're debating what we're going to do about Obama Care," Staton said.

State Rep. Robert Dickey, a Musella Republican, said the shutdown is unfortunate. But he said President Obama caused the problem by pushing his healthcare plan and what Dickey calls higher taxes that accompany it.

"They're up and he wants to spend more and just push the budget deficit higher and higher," Dickey said.

Because of this, Dickey said GOP congressional members dug in their heels.

"I think Republicans finally said, 'our country can't afford it, and want to tie Obama Care on top of that, can't afford that,'" Dickey said.

"I don't know how the Democrats think people, tax paying Americans, can pay for all the programs they want," he said.

Dickey said a lack of leadership in Washington makes the situation worse because congressional members haven't been able to come up with a permanent solution to the budget crisis.

All they've done is enact temporary measures, Dickey siad, "and just kick the can on down the road."


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