Number of Car Break-Ins Spike In Milledgeville

8:43 PM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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According to the Milledgeville Police Department, car break-ins and thefts are happening more often.

So far this year, they've gotten reports of 148 car break-ins and thefts, up from 88 last year.

That's a 68% increase.

Police said the thefts are random and isolated, which means no one is immune.

James Lee of Milledgeville says thieves broke into his locked car in March. 

"I came back and the first thing I thought was, 'Man, I hope nobody got my CD player,'" Lee said. "And they did."

It wasn't just any CD player.

"I had a $1400 sound system I had put into my car," Lee said. "A CD player, subwoofer amps, Tweeters, the whole nine yards."

Lee says it's made him careful.

"After that, I don't care if I'm going to McDonald's," Lee said. "I lock my car."

Charles Puckett had a similar experience.

"It was a Jeep, so it has the back hatch. The side doors were locked but the window on the rear of the vehicle was open," Puckett said. "So they just opened that and climbed through and took the stereo."

Milledgeville police say these incidents are "crimes of opportunity," and that they are random and isolated.

They say the best way to protect yourself and your belongings from theft is vigilance: always lock your car doors, roll up your windows and take or hide any valuables from plain sight. 

Even though those tips sound like common knowledge, some say it's easy to become careless.

"They have in their mind, 'Oh this can't happen to me. Nobody would steal that," Lee said. "They just get too comfortable."

Police say getting too comfortable and not taking proper precautions just increases the chance that you could become a victim.

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