Man Accused of Attempted Kidnapping at Springdale

5:59 PM, Oct 24, 2013   |    comments
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Bibb County School Police have arrested a man they said was "interacting suspiciously" with students in front of Springdale Elementary School Wednesday afternoon.

This is according to Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

The suspect, Christian Ogol, who is Nigerian only speaks Swahili.

He was charged with two counts of false imprisonment, one count of simple battery and one count of attempted kidnapping, according to a release.

His bond still has to be set by a judge.

Officials believe he is 68 years old.

School administrators immediately went on a search for the man after the incident and found him close to a playground nearby, according to a Bibb schools news release.

When the suspect was approached, he ran but several parents were able to stop him, and hold him until first responders got there.

Patricia Thompson says before that, the man grabbed her son, who is in second grade at Springdale.

"My son said that he grabbed him and he told him to let go. The guy wouldn't let him go, so my son yelled. When he yelled, he came out of his bookbag and that alerted other parents," she says. Thompson also told 13WMAZ the man grabbed another girl by her hair.


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