Zebulon Neighbors "Angry" after Deferred Re-Zoning Decision

6:58 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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A protester holds up a 'No' sign, against the rezoning of Zebulon Rd.

Neighbors who live in subdivisions off Zebulon Road in Macon were angry when Blackwater Resources proposed a 25-acre re-zoning that would create space for a 250-thousand square foot shopping center close to their backyards.

But they're even angrier now.

"They need to know we don't want this," Cheryl Hendrix said. "There's no compromise. We don't want this."

We spoke with the Hendrix family at their home last week. 

They were just a few of around 180 people who showed up at Monday afternoon's meeting at City Hall to discuss the re-zoning proposal.

There weren't enough seats for all the people who attended.

A split vote between 4 members of Macon's Planning and Zoning Commission deferred a decision on whether the land will be commercially re-zoned until at least November 12.

"I think it was a cop-out," Charles Wolf said. "These people were hired to do a job, and they didn't do it."

Wolf has been living in the same home in the Stone Edge subdivision for 38 years.

Neighbors say they're angry with the Commission's decision to defer the vote.

"They did not listen to us," Hendrix said. "They have stacks and stacks of letters from all of the neighbors, they have got petitions with many hundreds of names on them. And we all showed up!"

John Abernathy, a developer with Blackwater Resources, says commercializing the area is a $30 million investment into the community that will provide up to 500 new jobs.

"It would be great for the community, plus a lot of new retail businesses and restaurants and shops here, so there's a big community benefit," Abernathy said.

It wouldn't be enough to convince some people to stay.

"My next door neighbor," Wolf said, "Has said if this goes through, she's going to sell her house and move."

These neighbors say they're ready to keep fighting for the houses they've turned into homes.

"We don't want our neighborhood to be sacrificed for some development company to make big bucks, while our livelihood is going down the drain," Hendrix said.

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