Cafe Erotica Bulldozed

11:00 PM, Aug 7, 2008   |    comments
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For at least 15 years, many people trying to give visitors directions to Warner Robins or Byron named one prominent landmark, Cafe Erotica.

As of Friday, a demolition crew wiped the controversial strip club off the map.

Judging by the crowd gathered outside the cafe, people might have thought it was a grand opening instead of closing.

Local leaders say tearing it down is the way to build the community up

A group of about 100 people led by the pastor of Southside Baptist Church blessed the destruction of Cafe Erotica Friday morning.

A bulldozer ripped down the former strip club's sign, as the crowd clapped and cheered.

Pastor Jerry Walls said, "It was something we were against, not against the people, but against what was going on here."

Peach County commissioner Martin Moseley says the signs sent the wrong message about Warner Robins and Byron to people exiting the interstate. He said, "First impressions mean a lot and when you first pull into an area and the first thing you see is a strip club, that's negative to a lot of people. We're just glad to have it out of the way."

With every advertisement ripped down, every piece of building stripped away, investor Tom Bulger says they're closer to putting a new landmark in the cafe's place. Bulger and ten other investors plan to turn the cafe and the 43 surrounding acres into a commercial development. Bulger said, "I don't think there's a higher visible place that I know of Atlanta to South Florida than what we have here. It's going to give them high visibility, high traffic."

Tom Bulger says they expect to have an announcement with in the next sixty days about businesses locating on the property. He says they've had interested tenants from New jersey to Florida. He said their stipulation for locating here was that the cafe be torn down.

President of the Board for the Peach County Chamber of Commerce Michael Chidester says there's an adult entertainment establishment located about a half mile down the road from the former Cafe Erotica. He says there's been no formal discussion with the owners of that club to get them to sell.

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