Redneck Games Draw Large Crowd in East Dublin

7:26 PM, Jul 10, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Extended look at the Redneck Games

  • The East Dublin Lions Club sponsored the Redneck Games. They said they expected between 5,000 to 7,500 people to attend.
  • The Toilet Seat Toss was won by Becca Bostwick of Thomaston, G.A.
  • This young boy won the Armpitt Serenade event.

The Redneck Games kicked off in East Dublin Saturday afternoon, with the ceremonial lighting of the 'Redneck Torch,' a staff made out of empty Budweiser cans and equipped with a gas line and mini gas tank.

According to East Dublin Lions Club staff, between 5,000 and 7,500 self-described rednecks broke out their koozies at Buckeye Park to strive for glory in competitions like the toilet seat toss (a version of the horse shoe toss) and the Armpit Serenade, where competitors attempt to fart the loudest with their armpits.  

With such a tribute to all that is redneck, we had to ask, what exactly does redneck mean?

There were a variety of opinions. "[A redneck] is a working man everyday of his life except Saturday and Sunday cuz thats when we drink beer and go to church," offered one participant.

"There's two different enjoy or you really enjoy," says Jeremy Payne.

 "People who work hard but play harder," is how Kevin McGowan describes a redneck, "but you have to work hard to earn your play time."

"Redneck is that you really don't care what anybody thinks about you, you just be yourself," says Becca Bostwick, winner of the Toilet Seat Toss.

One definition, everyone could agree on, you can't live redneck with out ice cold beer...or in one case a 'weenie martini,' a vodka martini garnished with a sausage.

People also listened to live music, danced, and enjoyed lots of southern food.   

Ask them what they prefer, Christmas or Redneck Games, and one group boisterously agreed, "Redneck Games!"

It's a day set aside to celebrate what some call a way of life, summed up by Jan Dees as, "what you see is what you get."

And they say, if you're living redneck, it doesn't get much better than the games.


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