Atlanta's top 5 summer bugs

(WXIA) -- The first weekend of summer comes with some new warm weather visitors. These guests will bug you. We're talking about the top 5 insects multiplying across Atlanta this season.

According to Orkin, they are:

1. Mosquitoes

2. Bees and Wasps

3. Spiders

4. Ants

5. Bed Bugs

They all live in a cozy split-level house near Shallowford Road. It is "Home Sweet Home" to 17 species and half a million pests. Orkin operates "The Bug House" as a national training center.

They are creeping, crawling, hissing and unknowingly devoting their life to science.

"To be sure that we're just a step ahead of the pests that are developing resistance," said entomologist Dr. Ron Harrison.

The house is used to study insects and train pest control workers.

"The house is made to have real life experiences. You've got kitchens and bedrooms and attics. All of those are conditions will harbor pests as well as encourage as well as encourage them," Harrison explained.

The bugs are smart and adaptive. Some of these creatures evolved beyond past pest control treatments, making this training center the battleground to test new defenses.

For example, bed bugs have found ways to thrive despite older treatment methods. The best remedy is prevention.

"First of all, be sure that you don't bring them in or don't let them come in because one coming in can often lead to a huge problem," Harrison said.

That's also the case for the rest of our top five summer bugs in Atlanta.

At number five, bed bugs can be prevented by keeping luggage off floors on trips and running everything you carried on your trip through the dryer for 15 minutes. Bye-bye, bed bugs!

Ants, the number four summer pest, can ruin a backyard barbecue. Seek out their mounds and be careful with those crumbs to avoid attracting them.

"When these insects get active in the summer, their predators -- that being spiders -- become a pretty big problem," Harrison said.

That brings us to number three… spiders. They're on the list because they thrive on all the other bugs multiplying in the summer. Spiders feed on them. Keep the food source away, and you'll keep spiders down too.

Bees and wasps rank in at number two. Look out for hives and nests in your yard.

The number one summer pest, according to Orkin, is the mosquito.

"The number one pest that we are all familiar with is mosquitoes. The issue is not just that they're a nuisance, but they are a disease transmitter as well," Harrison said.

The easy remedy? Don't let water pool up in your garbage can or bird bath, and if you don't mind chemicals, wear DEET.


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