Dooly Co. Girl Still Missing 15 Years Later

September 4th, 1998 was the last day anyone saw 8-year-old Shy'Kemmia "Shy Shy" Pate.

Pate had come home from school to Crumpler Ave. in Unadilla and was set to go to a football game that Friday night with her family.

Her older sister, LaSwanda Hickey, was getting ready to go to the game and drove past Shy Shy sitting on a friends' porch. By the time she went to go get gas and drove back to get Shy Shy, she was gone.

After looking around the neighborhood, LaSwanda went to the game thinking Shy Shy must have been at someone's house.

The next day, Shy Shy was reported missing. The Dooly County Sheriff's office searched homes in the neighborhood. Shy Shy's home was across the street from a club. Investigator Randy Lamberth says at the time, there was a lot of drug trafficking in the area.

He says after searching the area and interviewing neighbors, nothing materialized. He believes Shy Shy was abducted by someone she knew.

Recently, there were a few tips. One in Michigan of some one looking at Facebook pictures of a person that actually turned out to be one of Pate's relatives. Another came after the three women in Ohio were captured, but that also turned up nothing.

Her mother, Veronica, says she's concerned about Shy Shy's health because she had asthma. Today, Shy Shy would be 23 years old. Veronica Pate has since moved to Perry, but says she's still hopeful her daughter will return.

If you have any information on Pate's whereabouts, you can reach the Dooly County Sheriff's Office at (229) 645-0930.

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