Dozens witness MARTA fight, no one calls police

ATLANTA -- A video of a fight at the Ashby Road MARTA train station has created quite a stir. It's not that a fight took place, but that even after the attacker started swinging a knife, MARTA says none of the passengers called police to stop it.

Plenty of people had cell phones to make the call. At least two people chose to film the fight instead.

A MARTA post on Facebook says the fight happened between two former co-workers with a long-standing feud. Rashad Smith started recording the attack, but says when it really got heated, he turned off the phone to help.

"He was running out of energy. He was using all he had to stop him from stabbing him," said Smith.

Smith says he didn't mind recording a fight, but had no interest in recording a murder.

Another video taken by someone inside the stopped MARTA train does show Smith cautiously stepping in to separate the two men.

"I'm jumping into a knife fight and I could have gotten stabbed," said Smith.

Police Sergeant Aston Greene agrees. He says there's really only one thing Smith should have done.

"Call 911. That is your sole and most important act that you should take when you actually see a crime in progress," said Greene.

There are plenty of people who could have called 911. In the video you see dozens of people staring out the train window watching the action. But MARTA says not a single passenger made the call.

Greene says thankfully the train driver did contact police. 28-year old Rodney Banks was arrested on site and charged with aggravated assault, using a knife in commission of a felony and possession of marijuana.

Greene says those who want to use their phone after calling 911, should use MARTA's See Something Say Something app.

"It allows you to take a photograph, to text," said Greene.

He showed off the app features, used already 5,000 times in the past year to report a crime or suspicious activity.

"You can actually take a picture. The app suppresses the flash. Nobody has to know," said Greene.


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