I-75 toll lanes expected to ease traffic

Stephen Dillard, a Georgia appeals court judge, lives in Macon and drives to Atlanta around 4 times a week.

"It's not unusual for me to have events in Atlanta and Macon on the same day, and I'm going back and forth," he said.

He can usually plan his trip to avoid traffic on I-75, but often hits trouble around the Eagles Landing exit.

Now, the State Road and Tollway Authority is trying to fix it with a $226 million project.

"It's essentially building two new lanes right in the middle of the interstate, and then we will install a toll collection system on those lanes as well," said Bert Brantley.

He is the deputy executive director for the authority.

By 2017, Georgia's first reversible toll lanes should be open between McDonough and the 675/I-75 split.

The two lanes will be 12 miles long and can be used to speed up travel time.

"It'll reverse," said Brantley, "It'll be inbound towards Atlanta in the mornings, it'll be outbound towards Macon, southbound, in the afternoons."

The toll fees will fluctuate based on the number of vehicles using the lanes, and will be anywhere from 50 cents to $5.

But there won't be any toll booths.

The toll will be collected through a peach pass sticker on the car windshield.

The pass is free. $20 will have to be pre-loaded on to the pass.

The money automatically comes out as you use the toll roads.

The opening traffic date will be December 31st, 2016, but the overall completion date is in June of 2017.

Sherl White, the project's manager, said the lanes were designed with few exit points.

Signs and barrier gates will prevent wrong way traffic from entering.

Dillard says those toll lanes might be an option for him, depending on his schedule.

"Typically, I can plan around it, but if I promised to be somewhere, I'd pay the $4 to get there on time," he said.

The project's manager is expecting 23,000 cars to use the lanes per day.

To use the lanes, you must have a peach pass.

The pass can be ordered through PeachPass.com.

You can also order a pass by calling customer service at 1-855-PCH-PASS (724-7277).


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