Jury selection process leads to deep, personal questions ahead of Ross Harris trial

Hard questions posed to potential jurors in Ross Harris Trial

Potential jurors were hit with the hard questions on Thursday as the Ross Harris jury selection continued. The potential jurors were asked about their opinions on pornography and the death of children.

Harris is accused of intentionally leaving his son, Cooper, in a hot car.

His trial was moved to Glynn County, Ga. after lawmakers struggled to find an impartial jury in Cobb County.

The process is not to the point where prospective jurors are being called in one-on-one to answer questions they weren't comfortable answering in a group - everything from prior legal troubles to personal tragedies.

Among them was a teacher who said as part of the job she has had to make reports to the Division of Family and Children Services.

"Sometimes you have children who come in and they are covered in bruises," she said. "I had a child who couldn't sit down because she'd been beaten down."

Attorneys delved further into the question of whether any potential jurors have experienced the loss of a child.

"My wife and I have had three children prematurely before that were stillborn," one potential juror said.

The potential juror went on to say he wasn't sure he could sit on the juror because of that.

Later came the first potential juror, number 18, to broach the subject of pornography and sexual addiction.

"Just a friend that has struggled with it for years," the juror said. "He went and lived in a facility to try to deal with it. I don't have a lot of contact with im anymore but he was a very close friend."

It's one of many questions asked since in addition to the charge of murder, Ross Harris is also accused of multiple sexual dalliances online - including sexting with an underage girl on the very day his son was strapped inside his car seat dying in his dad's hot SUV.

The big question they are trying to answer in this one-on-one questioning is if a juror said they've formed an opinion about the Ross Harris murder case - and can they set it aside and only listen to the evidence.

They need a poll of 42 such people.

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