Bass Rd. intersection gets traffic light

Bass Road wasn't always so busy, neighbors say.

Cars stay moving on the four-way intersection of Bass Road and Bass Plantation Road.

But starting Friday, they'll have to stop.

"Without any kind of traffic light, it was really getting hectic to travel Bass Road," Deborah Stevens, a decade-long resident of the Providence neighborhood, which is off Bass Road. "That's a very accident-prone intersection there."

Deborah Stevens is one of more than 800 people in surrounding neighborhoods and businesses who petitioned Bibb County commissioners for a new traffic light
to break up the flow of cars flying down Bass Road.

The traffic light will go live at 10 a.m. Friday morning.

It cost the county $18,000.
Annette Ballard says she witnessed an accident just a few weeks ago.

"I actually just a couple of weeks ago took a left onto Bass Road and in my rear-view mirror, I saw an accident. It was a lady who obviously didn't realize the car was coming as fast as it was and she pulled out and the car just hit her, it side-swiped her," Ballard said.

That's one of four accidents at that intersection in the past two months, according to the Bibb Sheriff's Office.

Commissioner Mallory Jones, whose office sits at the corner of Bass Plantation Road, knows firsthand why a light is needed.

"You've got traffic coming 4 ways and nothing to slow it down or stop it," Jones said. "Traffic lights are expensive. But in the name of public safety, we have to do that for the citizens of Macon-Bibb."

Because without one, "the chances of a fatality happening are there. and we certainly don't want that," Stevens said.

Mayor Robert Reichert and Commissioner Mallory Jones will flip the switch at Bass Road and Bass Plantation on Friday morning.

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