Pulaski sheriff says there is no gun problem

Pulaski County Sheriff Bill Cape says Gun violence is not a problem in Hawkinsville. That's after two men were shot in Pulaski County Thursday.

"Hawkinsville is a quiet town, and that's the way I would like to keep it, quiet nice and safe," says Hawkinsville resident Felicia Mathis.

She typically enjoys her neighborhood, but yesterday she was shocked to hear that one of her own family member's was a victim of gun violence.

"I got a phone call stating that my cousin had just been shot and he was one of the gentlemen that had actually been shot," says Mathis.

A news release from the Pulaski County Sheriff's office says, Mathis' cousin, Michael Jackson, was shot in the buttocks and chest. His friend Caldrecus Jackson also took a shot to the leg.

"Kids were out walking yesterday, and anyone could have been shot from one of those stray bullets," says Mathis.

Anyone and anything were targets for those stray bullets, including one house on the next street that got hit. The owner of the home says the bullets went straight flying through. It hit the wall outside, went through the living room, through the kitchen, and broke some glasses. No one was home during the time of the gunshots.

Neighbors are worried the guns used on Thursday could have been stolen. Last month, thieves drove a church van into the Pawn Zone and took off with 14 guns. None have been recovered.

Sheriff Cape did not want to go on camera, but he did give us the statement: "We do not have a gun problem. There have been several guns stolen. But there is no connection with the guns stolen from the pawn shop."

Meanwhile, Felicia Mathis says the police aren't doing enough.

"It's very dangerous. For the police officer not to take this serious, it's uncalled for" says Mathis.

So far no arrests have been made.


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