Clown craze conversation with children

Clown craze conversation with kids

MACON, GA.-- - Some recent clown sightings may have been a hoax, but the clown craze is still a hot topic of conversation around the nation and in Central Georgia.

It is after reports of clown sightings began in Greenville, South Carolina. A Macon psychologist says that a conversation should be had with your children about the topic but without scaring them.

"You expect to see clowns at parties or carnivals or festivals. You probably don't expect to see clowns on the side of the street or by themselves in isolation,” says Macon psychologist Mary-Catherine McClain.

Parents are encouraged to explain to their kids why people are allegedly dressing up as clowns and what they should do if they happen to see one.

"So helping them understand the differences between when it's a normal clown and a normal reaction. When there's cotton candy and music and bright lights versus when some of those more festival and kind of party-like environment atmospheres change,” says McClain.

Some Macon parents say they have changed their everyday routine to keep their kids safe.

"He can't ride his bike in the neighborhood for a while. You know, just in case for extra precaution until they find out what is going on. Not to leave outside our yard without me knowing or anything like that,” says Macon parent Stephanie Moss.

Some parents say it is best to explain to your kids that they are just normal people hiding behind a mask.

"I let them know you know it's getting really close to Halloween and sometimes people start to play practical jokes early. Some people do it maliciously, some people are doing it for fun, but you just have to be aware of people and your surroundings,” says Macon parent Kendra White.

Even some local kids say they heard about the clown sightings from their friends at school.

"I think people should be careful and watch their backs because you never know what could happen,” says 6th grader Destiny Jones.

Other adults say it is wrong for people to target helpless children, even if it is close to Halloween.

"You know it's crazy. Why are you terrorizing like kids, innocent kids? That could scar them for life,” says Cameron Hunt.

In the state of Georgia it is illegal to wear a mask in public.


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