College holds political discussion for students

MGSU holds political discussion for students

MACON, GA.-- - We are now less than 2 months away from the general election, and that means voters are deciding on some important issues.

Students at Middle Georgia State University's Macon campus talked about some of those issues during a political discussion, but there were some tough questions asked, from local issues like roadway construction.

"I live in Warner Robins. Why is it that we've had like 5 miles of road on Highway 96 still under construction and it’s been like 3 years now?,” asks a student.

There were even questions about national and state hot topics like taxes, the Hope Scholarship, and campus carry laws.

"With people being able to hold guns how will we be able to identify the ones who are legally doing it and the ones who are illegally doing it?,” says another student.

State Representative of District 147, Heath Clark, says it is important for millennials to get educated on politics.

"Your younger voters, they bring the energy to the politics. They're the ones that actually get out there and knock on doors for candidates. It’s important for them to know where people stand on issues so they can be educated and informed in the elections they're getting involved in,” says Clark.

James Beverly, a State Representative in Macon, says college-aged students are the key to this year's presidential race.

"When you think about who's going to sway the future of this election, you got to talk about the kids that are here. You've got to talk about the people that are informers. Like, 'Now I get it. I know why I need to vote,' but this is the one election where they can actually control the outcome,” explains Beverly.

DeMarcus Beckham, a political science major, says he planned the event and wanted to make sure there was a representative from each party.

"I want to get people eager and understanding that it's very imperative for them to vote. This forum was for people to see and understand what each of these parties stood for,” says Beckham.

It was also a chance for each student to figure out where they stand politically and who may get their vote.

The state representatives involved in the discussion were James Beverly of Macon, Heath Clark of Warner Robins, Jimmy Pruett of Eastman, and Bruce Dixon with the Green party.


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