Central Ga. drivers see effects of gas shortage

Colonial pipe leak affects Central Georgians

Central Georgia is now seeing the effects of the Colonial pipe leak. The company says it has found a solution and will start building a bypass line around the leak, but they don't know when the problem will be fixed.

Our Madison Cavalchire stopped by stations in our area to find out what fuel supplies are on "E."

If you've tried filling up in Warner Robins, you may have had some roadblocks, like resident Johnnie Roberson.

"I went to four over on Houston [Road]," said Roberson. "They all had black bags over all of the handles. I went in and asked them 'what's the deal, where is the gas?' They said 'no, we don't have any.'"

Roberson says he tried multiple gas stations on North Houston Road and near Highway 96.

"Everybody said go to Flash Foods," said Roberson. "That's about the only place that has gas right now."

Wherever the fuel supply wasn't empty, customers say they saw the prices increase.

Governor Nathan Deal issued a State of Emergency for Georgia, suspending the federal rules that limit the hours commercial vehicles may drive, but employees at places without gas say they're not sure when trucks will bring more fuel.

During a State of Emergency in Georgia, the Governor may prohibit price increases on items deemed necessary, but at gas stations in Warner Robins, customers are seeing increases of about 30 cents.

Customers, like Erin Smith, say they're worried the prices will only continue to rise this week.

"I'm fearing that it will go up by 30 or 40 cents in the next week," said Smith. "Look at it now, they're all coming here. Soon this will be dried up like the one at Walmart, LOLO, and BI-LO. Soon we're not going to have any gas until it gets fixed."

Houston County EMA says they haven't received any complaints about gas shortages in the county. As of 7 p.m. on Sunday, all of the Flash Foods on Watson Boulevard said they still had fuel.


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