Crosswalks may come to street where crossing guard was hit

School crossing guard asks for crosswalks

Earlier this month we told you about a crossing guard that was hit by a car near Ingram-Pye Elementary School. The crossing guard's injuries were not life-threatening, but the accident raised many safety concerns in the neighborhood. One crossing guard told Yvonne Thomas that not much has changed since the accident, and she's asking for more support.

Vanessa Howard is one of two crossing guards for Ingram-Pye Elementary. “I've been a crossing guard in this area for about two to three years. So far, it's been great,”said Howard.

But that changed after a car hit her colleague, Connie Hamid, as she walked students across Anthony Street. “I thought about not coming back out here because it's not safe for the kids and its not safe for me,” said Howard.

Howard says the area needs crosswalks and more lights, but so far no changes have been made. “Nobody came out here to say if a crosswalk has been approved or when it will be done,” said Howard.

Members of the Pedestrian Safety Review Board say they're looking at two options.  “Where we stand now we could either move the school zone to where the crossing guards are positioned,” said Nigel Floyd, Traffic Engineer Macon Bibb County. “Where we stand now we could either move the school zone to where the crossing guards are positioned,” said Floyd. Or the committee could recommend that the school only use one crosswalk in the middle of the road.

Some members say one crosswalk is safer, but others say having just one crosswalk may cause students to jaywalk rather than walk further. “We would need a city ordinance and to be approved by the commissioners,” said Floyd.

So for now, both a temporary and final solution is unresolved, and Howard and dozens of students will watch their step, and cross as safely as possible.

Bibb County Traffic Engineer Nigel Floyd and School district safety director David Gowan plan to hold another meeting to complete a new crosswalk safety plan. That meeting is scheduled for May 9th. 


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