Dublin woman concerned about Oconee River and Hermine

Dublin woman concerned about Oconee, Hermine

With Hurricane Hermine traveling 65 miles per hour in the Gulf of Mexico, we can expect anywhere from three to seven inches of rain within a 12-hour span.  

Sue Maddox from Dublin lived next to the 200-mile long Oconee river for nearly 2 decades. She’s experienced floods in years prior. In her most recent flood late last year, she had to leave because of how high the water was. She said the water rose nearly one story high.

However, with Hermine just hours away, she said that she is not the least bit concerned about Tropical Storm Hermine unless Lake Sinclair starts to overflow.

“It take it usually 2-3 days to get to us, and that’s the reason the storm that’s out there now, if it rains a lot and puts water in Lake Sinclair and the lakes above us then and they open those dams, then that’s when our river will get full,” said

She said she’s a little concerned about the wind and possible thunderstorm, but is praying and hoping that the water from the Oconee River won't impact her house. 


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