A moving wall: Traveling Vietnam wall in Dublin through Sunday

The names are all different, but their mission was the same.

The Moving Wall is a traveling Vietnam memorial designed back in the 1980s. This weekend it's in Dublin.

"It's an honor because they gave their lives so I could have mine," said Ulysses Parker, a Vietnam veteran from McRae. He came to see the display and pay his respects. Hundreds gathered during the first day of its stop in Dublin to honor the nearly 60,000 lost in the Vietnam War.

"I have a lot of respect for those guys for putting their life on the line and they lost it. I put my life on the line and I still have it, so I'm very fortunate," said Oscar Murkeson. He was just 19 when he joined the Marines.

"I want to go to D.C. but this is the next thing to it," he said as the wall was assembled. He says seeing the walls brings back vivid memories.

"I had a couple of team members that were killed," Murkeson said."

Joyce Patton says monuments to those lost in the Vietnam War, which was unpopular, are long overdue.

"And I'm just glad that we are doing this now because when they first came back, they weren't treated the way they should have been," she said.

The wall is a sight that brings tears to veterans eyes because they know how lucky they are to see it.

"I thank God for my life and I thank god for bringing me back home," said Vietnam veteran William O'Neal said.


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