Athlete of the Week: Emily Barrs

Every week, we are proud to show you an athlete doing great in the classroom and on the field.

This student raises the bar on the whole thing.

She balances two demanding extracurricular activities, attends class at West Laurens and picks up some college credits at a different campus to boot.

Emily Barrs is our Athlete of the Week.

Most times you will see Emily Barrs with a smile on her face.

Her teacher, Danny Johnson, even admits she's a class clown, but he doesn't mind.

"You can really tell when you grade her work that she truly cares, and the class clown fa├žade, she's really listening to you even though she's smiling all the time and trying to crack a joke in there," Johnson said with a smile himself.

Barrs gets a little leeway because of her perfect transcript.

It's a schedule that has a good many honors and advanced courses, but doesn't sport one "B" in the mix.

Emily just shrugs off the accomplishment.

"I don't know, I guess God just blessed me with smartness and stuff. I don't know. I just study hard and do my best," she said shyly.

She does her best in quite a few things.

Barrs is the catcher for the West Laurens softball team.

And her coach Michael Thompson says they would struggle without her.

"This is the second year of her being our full-time catcher and she's doing a fabulous job," Thompson bragged. "She handles our pitching staff, calls most of our pitches, and she's pretty good at the plate, also."

Get this - Emily is also in the band.

Grades, sports, and she's hittin' the high notes. This kid does it all.

"It's definitely tough, because it's during the same time of the year," Barrs explained. "I have softball practice and then usually band practice is after that. Then, I go home and study, then go to bed and do it all over again."

She figures the routine will possibly get her an academic scholarship to pursue a career in physical therapy.

"I want to go to UGA and get in academics, but if I don't get in there, I may look into doing softball somewhere and college, too," Barrs said.

"She's a neat kid. She's outspoken, she's a great leader, she has all the characteristics you would want to have in a softball player. And the same thing in the school building - she is very liked by her peers," Thompson said.

One more thing to add to Barrs' resume - she is currently, along with her high school classes, taking college courses at Middle Georgia State College in Dublin.


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