My Teacher is Tops: Northwest Laurens Elementary

Brandon Boston teaches math and science and Northwest Laurens Elementary. His fourth graders think he's the best.

"Not many teachers jump out and play with their kids everyday at recess. We're lucky we got him," says Paul Kellam, who nominated his teacher for the award.

Wade Brantley adds, "He loves to play with us and always encourages us to do more and teaches in a fun way."

Mr. Boston even adds a little musical flare into multiplication. Most of his students love the way Mr. Boston breaks down the times tables. He taught them a song.

Mr. Boston has been teaching for six years, but he's still going to class.

"Mr. Boston makes the classroom fun because he's a student, too. He will finish his Master's degree in May," Kellam says.

Not only is he a big fan of the Georgia Southern Eagles, he's a big fan of his students.

"I can leave my kids for a few minutes by themselves and I'll come back to a quiet classroom. So they're trustworthy kids. To be trustworthy at 9 or 10 years old, that's big to me," says Mr. Boston.

By August, Mr. Boston will start hisPhD.


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