NAACP demands resignations in Dublin school district

Members of the NAACP were present at Dublin's Board of Education meeting Monday night demanding the resignation of a teacher and a board member.

We first told you about it two weeks ago when the NAACP made a complaint about the Nancy Perry's comments that anyone who voted for Barack Obama could not be a Christian.

The parents who originally made the complaint were at the meeting, and say their 12 year old son told them what Perry said.

"If your parents voted for Obama, they're evil and I don't see how your parents could vote for someone that's Muslim" said Jimmie Scott.

Scott says he immediately requested a parent-teacher conference, but that made things more difficult.

"Once we got there, the teacher in question, her husband came there" said Scott.

Nancy Perry's husband Bill Perry sits on the Board of Education. Scott says in that meeting they never discussed the comments made in class, but instead the Perry's showed him what he called propaganda from the Internet.

"She showed it to me and said, 'See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they're coming through the birth canal.'

President of the Georgia NAACP Francys Johnson addressed the board with the resignation requests stating, "We demand that the school district do the right thing and the right thing would be to demand the resignation of the school board member in question and to accept the resignation of the faculty member."

The board entered a closed session to discuss personnel. Bill Perry was asked to sit out of the meeting, but there were no disciplinary actions announced.

"We had a discussion during the executive session and there will be actions that we move forward with administratively and we'll publicly announce the things that take place over the next few days" said superintendent Chuck Ledbetter.

We spoke to Bill Perry at the meeting, he declined comment.


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