Georgia firefighters gather for training in Forsyth

Ga. firefighters continue training

Firefighters around the world put their lives on the line to save others.

To be able to answer that call when someone rings the alarm, training is critical and on Saturday, some firefighters and volunteers continued their training.

More than 280 firefighters from across Georgia gathered together for the 14th Annual Georgia State Firefighter weekend

"You've got to be consistent," an instructor said. "You've got to have tremendous character. Your integrity cannot be questioned."

Instructors at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth taught volunteers and firefighters about dealing with team issues within the department, how to deal with age gaps within the group, and different levels of leadership.

Once firefighters hopped out of the classroom, they got hands on experience fighting the flames.

They wore masks to give them a foggy perspective, similar to what they would experience in the field, and more in-depth training for when they're dispatched.

Sabrina Kimbrell, captain instructor with the Georgia Fire Academy, says with over 80 fire fatalities this year in Georgia, training is pivotal.

"We are trending much higher and if we continue on the trend by the end of the year we would have surpassed fatalities," Kimbrell said. "So that is another reason to state why we need the training to ensure that we are protecting the citizens and also teaching to prevent."

But for many firefighters like Tomas Heard, he doesn't see himself doing anything else.

"We all lay our life on the line and we try to be careful as much as possible but we do understand that we put our life in jeopardy whenever we get on that fire truck," said Heard.

Classes and training continue until Sunday, September 11.

To learn more about the training, call the Georgia Fire Academy at 478-993-4670.



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