Erickson Details Wife's 'Courageous' Mastectomy Decision

Often the target of criticism, controversial central Georgia pundit Erick Erickson recently reversed the roles, explaining in the process why he considers his wife his hero.

Less than a month ago, the former Macon City Councilmandrew fire over his comments about "breadwinner moms" during an appearance on Fox News.

After Ericksonclaimed a male's dominant roleis biological, he was met by reactionson Twitterand even whole blog posts -- here, here and here -- including a follow-up of his own on

But on Thursday, he responded to singer Melissa Etheridge's criticism of Angelica Jolie's decision to have a preventative mastectomy by penning a column about his wife's own.

Titled "My wife's choice, like Angelina Jolie's, is rooted in bravery and courage, not fear," Erickson said his wife had the surgery just three months after they were married and through her ordeal, he came to appreciate what women endure after having the procedure.

"For several days after she came home I would physically have to lift her from the bed in the mornings. She had no upper body strength. ...Some weeks the pain would cause her to throw up."

He writes that he hopes Etheridge's comments won't make other women "second-guess a decision that could save their lives."


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