Fort Valley fight, shooting posted on Facebook

Person shot near Fort Valley nightclub

Fort Valley police say they're trying to identify people in a Facebook video who were fighting near a nightclub around 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Gunfire can be heard in the video near FaceZ Nightclub and Lounge, on Main St. One man was shot in the upper torso. He was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Fort Valley police Chief Lawrence Spurgeon.

"This type of behavior is reckless," Spurgeon said Wednesday. "Somebody could have died, and we're in the business of protecting lives and property."

The incident wasn't the first for police at FaceZ, Spurgeon said. In fact, his officers were already near the club in response to another fight. The officers had two men detained and responded when they heard gunfire, Spurgeon said. The crowd dispersed after the shots were fired, Spurgeon said.

Soon after the incident, a video was posted on Facebook and police are using it to try to identify those involved.

FaceZ has been opened for only a year, but police have responded to "numerous calls" there, said Spurgeon. One of the calls was for a person firing a gun in the air and the others were fights.

Spurgeon said his department will be involved during the administrative process during the annual review/renewal of the club's alcohol license.

Club owner, Kelvin Davis said  that a crowd of about 500 people came out that night. Davis said the night was going as planned. The club closed their doors at 2 a.m. and they were cleaning up inside. 

"I guess about 10 minutes after we shut down, there was an altercation that took place that was outside that was down the street, a good 75 yards away from the building," said Davis. 

Video of the brawl shows that it was about two businesses away from the club.  

Davis said he had five security guards that night to manage the crowd, but no police officers.

Fort Valley Police Captain Jerrell Smith say this is at least the fourth disturbance near the club. 
But the owner doesn't think he's responsible for what happens down the street.
"We have no legal right to actually provide security detail to that because at that point its a civil matter its the law enforcement's responsibility," said Davis.
Fort Valley Mayor, Barbara Williams, says that she drove by the club the night the incident happened.
She says its unusual for shootings to happen near a nightclub in Fort Valley, but hopes that there can be a solution to this problem. 
"You would just about have to have somebody out walking the beat as well as be inside and the owner is not required to do that, said Williams."The city can't put it in their budget to supply private security for private businesses." 

Williams and Davis met up at City Hall on Wednesday to come up with a solution. According to Davis, He can now hire officers from neighboring cities as well as Fort Valley.


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