Gordon mayor names husband chief of staff

Another staffing decision by Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple-Lue is causing a stir.

Gordon Police Chief Mike Hall and Councilman Terry Eady both told 13WMAZ that the mayor's husband, Basil Lue, is working for her in the mayors office.

13WMAZ's Elise Brown asked the new mayor if that's true:

13WMAZ: Is that true is he an employee of the city?

Lue: Well you know, that's up for discussion.

13WMAZ: What do you mean by that?

Lue: As I stated that is up for discussion, I care not to discuss that at the moment. That will be forthcoming later on and up for discussion.

A few minutes later:

Lue: I have given him the title because he has experience in vast areas as an engineer and he has that chief role right now as chief of staff.

13WMAZ: What's his official title?

Lue: Chief of staff.

13WMAZ: Of Gordon?

Lue: Yes.

13WMAZ: What is his role outlined?

Lue: We're working on that as we speak.

13WMAZ: OK, and is he a paid employee or volunteer?

Lue: Thus far, it's been volunteerr....at the dismay of the mayor.

13WMAZ: You want to put him on payroll?

Lue: We'll discuss that later on.

But the City of Gordon Personnel Manual says Basil Lue can't work for the city at all, let alone in the mayor's office.

It states " the City of Gordon will not hire employees related to either the Mayor or City Council members...No future employees will be hired by the City of Gordon if the prospective employee is immediately related to any City of Gordon elected official."

Terry Reese has been on the council for 18 years. He has no problem with Lue's husband being chief of staff.

"He is a constituent. He's very knowledgeable in so many areas, and he can be an asset to us. He's not on payroll," said Reese.

However, Councilman Eady said Lue needs to understand the city's rules and policies.

"I have tried to impress on the mayor always to follow the city charter some of the things that we have seen so far are because she just did not follow the proper protocol," said Eady.

He said he is optimistic that the mayor and council can get along.

Lue said, "I'm open to discuss any city matters with the constituents or the council members, also including city employees."

Lue said she has the best interest of the city in mind.

According to Chief Hall the mayor told him that if her husband is asking for any documents or information that he should give them to him.

Mayor Lue would not confirm that but said as a member of the public Basil Lue can ask for whatever he wants.

Eady said all newly-elected officials in Georgia are suppose to attend a training class that lets them know what their role entails And ethical and legal aspects of government.

Eady said the mayor and new council members have not yet attended.

I spoke Donna C. from the Georgia Muncipal Association, the organization that runs the class, she said Councilwomen Barbara Towles and Doretha Whipple are scheduled to attend in February, but that she doesn't see Lue's name on the list for February or March.


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