Historic Macon reveals music registry plaques

Historic Macon unveils music registry plaques

MACON, GA.-- - Macon's music is a huge part of the city's history, but there hasn't always been a way to recognize the important music locations, until now.

There are 12 music plaques up around Downtown Macon marking important musical landmarks.

"We started thinking about how important music is to Macon. People come to Macon because they know of its musical history,” says donator Charlie Cox.

Charlie Cox and his wife were inspired to bring music plaques to Macon after they saw them on a trip to London. The group, Historic Macon, hopes the plaques will encourage people to visit Macon.

"To have these plaques really gives people, music visitors, heritage travelers a product, you know. Something to see when they get here and then go eat breakfast at H&H and go to the Big House, and they can see these plaques and go to these important places,” says Historic Macon Director Ethiel Garlington.

The tours have already started for those Macon visitors. Jamie Weatherford leads the tours with his wife and he says the history is all around Macon but people just didn't know where to look. Now they do, thanks to the plaques.

"Little Richard was able to come from here and be successful,  Otis Redding, James Brown, Lucinda Williams. I mean, it's just remarkable the amount of music that came out of here, but there was just nothing physically to look at and see that. So it's just such an honor to be a part of helping provide that for the city of Macon,” says Weatherford.

The musical plaques are even just a nice reminder to people that already live here in Macon.

"The children both play music and I wanted them to get a chance to experience Macon's downtown musical history, so it's just a great time to be had. A lot of the buildings I drive by every day to go to work and didn't even know the significance of them,” explains Maconite Joshua Perkel.

Now the significance of every Macon music moment is written in stone for all to see. Historic Macon says they plan to have a total of 25 plaques on private and public locations once the project is complete.

The first series of plaques and their locations are:

- Capricorn Studio (540 MLK Jr. Blvd.)

- Douglass Theatre (355 MLK Jr. Blvd.)

- City Auditorium (415 First St.)

- Tic Toc (409 MLK Jr. Blvd.)

- Le Bistro (562 Mulberry Street Ln.)

- Grant's Lounge (576 Poplar St.)

- H&H Restaurant (807 Forsyth St.)

- Robert McDuffie Center for Strings (315 College St.)

- Professional Building (830 Mulberry St.)

- Reverend Pearly Brown (Third St., at the intersection of Cherry St. and Third St.)

- Andersen's Jewelers (361 Second St.)

- Rookery (543 Cherry St.)


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