Kids become crime scene investigators

When there's a bad guy on the loose crime scene cops will run after them. Kids at the Crime Scene Investigation Camp at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, learned all about forensics which is the scientific side of investigations.

"We learn about lip analysis, we learn about DNA and blood cells and how important all of those things are in forensics," said Cindy Groves, deputy director of education.

Groves had kids paint their feet and told them the difference between foot and shoe prints. Ty Kirchner said it tickled and was a lot of fun.

"Foot to shoe does not match because it has the humps for your toes and a shoe only has a curve," said Kirchner.

Campers also experimented with hands taking imprints. "I've learned fingerprints are just not designed, they're whorls, archs, compost and loops," said Anaya Patel.

Kids got to make tooth impressions and zinc sulphate.

"Zinc is the basic stuff that you put for the sunscreen on your nose. When you mix it with the sulphate, it gives it a brillant physical reaction,"

Mix it with some water and oil, activate it with light, then it glows.

"It's similar to what they use in cases when they spray on different liquid substances, when it glows when the lights go off. "

At the end of the week, kids will get to put their skills to test.

"Because on Friday, I've heard there could possibly be a crime committed here. "

Kaleb Chambers says he's almost ready to solve any mystery that comes his way.

"I want to learn how to learn the good techniques so that when I'm older I can be a crime fighter, " said Chambers.

You wouldn't want to break the law around these kids.


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