My Teacher is Tops: Heather Donovan

The last day of school is quickly approaching.

Junior Journalist Sam Schlenker went to Milledgeville to surprise kindergarten teacher, Heather Donovan, with this school year's last top teacher award.

She's been teaching kindergarteners for just three years.

But Ms. Donovan knows the joy and heartache that comes with being an educator.

"You stay after late, you work hard, you cry, you scream some days, and this just proves that somebody out there knows you're trying to make a difference," Donovan said.

Josselyn Futch is only 6, but she nominated Ms. Donovan for our top teacher award.

"She's good to all of us and me," Futch said.

Other students say she's an amazing teacher.

"She helps me read my words on any book and helps me with my sight words," Bennie Huff said.

So why is Mrs. Donovan so passionate about education?

"The children that we teach are the future of our world. One day they will be our presidents, our leaders, our law enforcement, our teachers," she said.

And the students we talked to have big dreams.

"I want to be a veterinarian," Futch said.

Caleb Shelwood wants to be "a teacher and a website maker."

Mattie Washington says she wants to be "a brain surgeon."

When her students graduate from Kindergarten Friday, Ms. Donovan hopes one day, they'll have "all that the world has to offer. That they face everything head on, and that with what I've taught them, they'll be able to conquer the world."

Thank you to all of our viewers for your letters nominating your top teacher!


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