Summer enhancement program does more than teach

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have never been so fun. The Summer Enhancement program at Mossy Creek Middle provides enrichment for gifted and Honor Roll students in third through sixth grades during summer break.

In the iPad class kids are getting to use their computer science skills to make movies.

Rodney Bryant just finished his 60-second stop-motion film. He says, "It's about a trash man. He gets fired and he's trying to find a job and the job he finds is a chef."

That's not the only class available. In the cooking course, kids are feeding their tastebuds and their minds. By applying their math skills, students are able to measure the right amount of ingredients for the perfect dish.

So far they've made Oreo bowls, monkey bread, and pumpkin coffee cake. Cooking instructor Stephanie Wilson says, "math can be very serious and there's one answer, right or wrong. But with cooking, it kind of gives the chance to be creative."

What's better than baking? Making your own rollercoaster. For the engineering portion of the program, students created their own tracks and competed for the fastest times. Once again by using their math skills.

"They're also going to be counting speed which is distance divided by time and they're going to be using tools like a stopwatch," says engineering instructor Carol Kohn.

How do you keep your mind sharp over the summer?


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