Macon employees talk about working on Labor Day

Macon employees working on Labor Day

While many people had the Labor Day holiday off, there were still some people working.

In fact, 41 percent of employers in the U.S. said they had some staff working this Labor Day.

As our Madison Cavalchire found out, several Macon businesses followed that trend. She asked those at work how they made the best of laboring on Labor Day.

Rachel Taylor, a manager at Sandy Beach Water Park, says it’s great because they’ve got plenty of watery fun to go with the sun.

“We’re in the best spot possible because we've got water, we've got lots of waves, we've got sand, and we've got a river. We've got waterslides, so where else would you want to be,” said Taylor. “I love to have the kids out, and all the families, and folks coming in with their little ones. It's a great way to end the summer, if you're getting into the fall spirit.”

Alexis Austin at Sky Zone says she’d rather be indoors working with kids than outside with all the bugs.

“I mean I'd rather be inside and cool, then outside with bugs. I mean cookouts are nice, but it's always hot,” said Austin. “A lot of kids come in and when they leave, they say ‘I love Sky Zone, I can't wait to come back.’ Sometimes you even see kids crying because they have to leave.”

Hannah Corley at Pet Supermarket doesn’t mind it because she loves both the animals and the customers.

“Because I love all of our animals, I love all our customers. It's just fun being here. I love working with the animals, working with the customers. It's just awesome,” said Corley.

Barista Alonso Ampuero at the Jittery Joe’s in Mercer Village says he doesn’t mind working the holiday because the customers are the cream at the top.

“Most people who come in here are some of the nicest people I've seen. They come in, they ask for their coffee, they're very grateful. They're not too problematic about ‘oh, I want this specifically this way.’ They're just like ‘could you make it this way.’ I'm fine with that,” said Ampuero.

And of course, Madison was happy to be behind the camera doing what she loves – telling Central Georgian’s stories.

“The best part about having to work on Labor Day is getting to work behind the camera, getting to tell your story,” said Cavalchire.

Straight from the heart, 13WMAZ.


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