My Teacher is Tops: Skyview Elementary

Students in Ms. McCarthy's fourth grade Science and Social Studies class had only good things to say about their favorite teacher.

"She's really nice and she works really hard, and I love her." said Claudia Vaughan

Rebekah Newberry said, "She's nice she's kind of perfect."

"I've never seen her bad side, personally I do not believe she has a bad side." said Joseph Mosely

This is Ms. McCarthy's sixth year teaching, but her first at Skyview and Claudia Vaughan thinks she's tops.

"I've never been called perfect in my whole life, that was a good letter, that was a really good letter go Claudia." said Judith McCarthy

She wasn't always a teacher, she was a family therapist for twenty years. "My area of expertise was dealing with kids that had been abused, and you can only do that for a while, I knew I wanted to teach." said McCarthy.

Her students say she gives them a second chance to improve.
"IfI get that bad paper taken home I won't get in trouble because Ms. McCarthy help me do better on it." said Vaughan.

Newberry said, "When we don't understand stuff, she goes through it with us."

Joseph Mosely said his teacher makes learning fun by bringing her students into the lesson.

"It sucks the kids in, hooks them and they come along for the learning dance that is part of what is so powerful about doing this and you don't have to be bored in education." said McCarthy.

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