Nick Malloy Plays On Stage at Lambert and Bentley Concert

Maybe you were one of the thousands of people who went to the Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert concert at the Macon Centerplex Thursday night.

Maybe you saw Frank's son, Nick Malloy, take the stage with the two country stars.

If you didn't, you missed quite a moment.

Friday, Frank and Nick talked about what it meant to them.

It's been a tough year for the Malloys. Last March, a car crash critically injured Nick. The 23-year-old is still in a wheelchair.

The physical injuries, along with emotional toll, halted his promising country music career.

Nick said, "I gotta find the spark again. Hopefully it will be soon. Last night was a major help."

Dierks Bentley took an interest in Nick's talents before the accident. He's stuck by him ever since, including his concert tour stop in Macon.

He said, "I was sitting side stage last night, and Dierks tour manager, came and unlocked my wheel chair and wheels me out there."

It was the last song of the night, and Nick did not know what was coming.

He found himself on-stage with Bentley and Lambert, playing guitar singing.

They trio sang Bentley's song "Bad Angel."

Bentley and his band wore Nick Malloy Band t-shirts.

Frank watched the performance from the side of the stage. He said, "I know how much Dierks and the band mean to him, but to find out last night how much he means to them, and then for them to go out of their way to do this. It was just a neat moment. It gave me a sense of peace. That were going to get through this thing."

Nick said, "It's humbling, and it makes me want to get back out there."

Frank hopes the moment motivates Nick. He said, "They want something in exchange. I think Dierks and guys, they're doing this but I think they think Nick, you can do it, and we want you to do it. You gotta just get out there and wade in, and just get back on that path."

Nick said, "Hopefully, maybe by summer, maybe I'll be having a show here or there, or be playing with somebody again."

As the song and concert ended, Frank put his head in his arms, tears running down his face.

He walked away saying, "I have no words to describe that. Made me so happy to see him up there."


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