Milledgeville police get new body cameras

Milledgeville police use new body cameras

Milledgeville Police have new and improved body cameras. Officers say the cameras are easy to use and gives them an added layer of protection.

Sergeant Nick Reonas said he "vowed to protect and serve" more than ten years ago. “When I first started, we didn't have any of this,” said Sgt. Reonas.  “I mean, most of the cars didn't even have cameras in them.”

Ten years ago, Reonas said he definitely didn't wear a body camera. “We went from having nothing to having everything,” said Reonas. “Now, we can do everything that we used to get dispatch to do in the car.”

Now Reonas and other Milledgeville police officers have even more technology. Their new body cameras allow them to do even more when they're on patrol. “It’s great. Before you actually turn it on, it is constantly recording.”

Not only do the new body cameras record in HD video, officers don't have to come back to the station to download it. They can simply look at the video through an app on their phone.

But it’s not  just about convenience, Police Chief Dray Swicord said the new cameras are for protection as well. ”We obviously want to be transparent, but we need the officers protection as well,” said Swicord.

Officers say this video could help during an investigation of an officer involved shooting. “I don't want to call it a safety blanket for us and other people but it kind of is,” said Reonas. “As long as you're doing the right thing the video is going to bear that out.”

Police Chief Dray Swicord said the department purchased 35 cameras for about $10,000.

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