Third grade point guard a master from mid-court

William Burnett started coaching his son when he was in the crib.

"I used to walk past, and go (executes jump shot form in the air) and he'd respond with [the same] and from there it just took off. And that was in his baby pen," said William.

That was a little less than eight years ago. Christian Burnett, now in third grade at Blandy Hills Elementary in Milledgeville, tackled the basics early.

"Slide your feet and don't reach, because if you reach you're going to get a foul," said Christian.

That didn't keep him from playing tough, while his classmates were still playing with blocks. Eight year-old Christian's response, after being asked what kind of player he was in kindergarten: "Feisty."

The feisty five year-old got better. He also got a nickname from his dad: "Ice," based on late 1970's NBA star, George Gervin.

"The NBA player that played back in the day, his name was Ice Man, and because I'm cold with the basketball," said Christian.

The original Ice Man has a couple feet on Christian, but the young point guard is just as cold. He hit a buzzer-beater shot from mid-court in the district championship in March.

"I was shocked," said William.

Christian, too, had his doubts.

"I thought I was going to miss."

The shot speaks for itself, but was it a surprise? Hardly.

"He's done that five or six times this season," said William.

Christian's team (which is coached by William) won all of those games, including the district championship, on the way to an undefeated season, and a state championship.

The younger Burnett already has his eyes set on playing for a bigger tournament, on any one of these teams:

"Kentucky, Duke, or Oregon," says Christian.

Decisions, decisions.

Luckily for the Ice Kid, time is on his side.

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