My Teacher Is Tops: Maurice Major

Some fifth-graders at Ingram-Pye Elementary think their math teacher, Maurice Major, is tops.

Jarquez Tuff wrote 13WMAZ a letter nominating Mr. Major for our top teacher award.

"In Mr. Major's class, we will learn. We can learn. We are somebody," Tuff's letter reads. "Thank you Mr. Major for believing in me. That's coming straight from my heart."

Tuff says thanks to his teacher, school is fun and his grades have turned around.

"I brought it up from a F to a B or C," Tuff said.

"It's a real honor," Major said of the award. "It's the last thing I was thinking."

Mr. Major says like many of his students, he grew up near the school on Anthony Road.
"It's rougher now," Major said. "I don't think the neighborhood helps raise the kids."

He says education helped him stay on the right track.

"One teacher that made a difference my first male teacher, Mr. Hart," Major said. "I'll never forget him. He was a 6' 3" guy, I could tell he lifts weights, and we played in every other class except his. He took education seriously. After having him, I started taking my education seriously."

Now, he's right back in the classroom, but this time, he's the one at the front of the board.

His students say his lessons are dynamic.

For example, on Fridays, they say he incorporates lessons using fake money to keep them engaged.

"He's cool, fun, he helps us with our work. When we have problems, he asks us what the problem is and tries to help us out," student Beyonce Kendrick says.

Willie Ingram says, "If I don't get it, he'll just work it out with me."

Major says he posted a motto in his classroom reminding students they're more than their environment.

"People are always going to have negative people around them. Cousins, friends. But the thing is, no matter how many people around you, or what they're saying, it's still your choice how your future turns out."

That's advice from one teacher who wants to be a major influence.

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