People in downtown Macon concerned about flooding

People in Macon concerned about flooding

A Bibb County man says it is just a matter of time before the Ocmulgee River levee breaks and floods parts of Macon.

Lindsay Holliday says $3.6 million of renovations planned for Central City Park will be washed away if the county does not design the park to withstand flooding.

Holliday says if the Macon levee breaks, “this is not an ocean wave that you can surf.”

“The power of soil and water is a lot more powerful hit than just water,” said Holliday. He says the Macon levee was fine until I-16 was built in the 1970s.

“I-16, which opposes this thing, pushes water here harder than the levee was designed to take,” said Holliday.

He says this causes water to back up to Riverside Drive, and it could cause Central City Park to flood and ruin the $3.5 million of renovations.

“It’d wipe out our investment and you might end up hurting some people too,” said Holliday.

Charlie Akins and his wife Teresa say they notice flooding when they are at the river walk.

Bibb County Engineer Keith Braswell says they do yearly inspections on the levee.

“There nothing of a really of a major alarm right now, and once we got those cleaned up we're probably in really good shape,” said Braswell.

However, Holliday says that is not what the army corps of engineers said in 1994.

“The engineers at that time said if the levee breaks here at the park entrance, we're talking about Central City Park being wiped out as we know it,” said Holliday.

Braswell says the last inspection was this August, and he says we have no reason to worry about the levee breaking.

Mary Grace Shaw, 13WMAZ


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