Perry man says rezoning creates hazard

"I was amazed because I just didn't realize how wonderful it was."

That's what Fred Hanzel said the first time he saw his Perry home in Holly Hills.

For nearly 30 years, Hanzel and his wife called the subdivision home.

After his wife passed away in November, Hanzel says he looked forward to spending the rest of his life in their dream home surrounded by trees.

But he's worried the city council's rezoning vote will make his "nice neighborhood" a noisy traffic hub.

"It was such a nice place to live and raise their children," Hanzel said.

A wooded area near his home has been rezoned for commercial use, something he says he and his wife never signed up for 27 years ago, and something he says she wouldn't want today.

"She'd be brokenhearted to know that there's going to be a change, there's going to be other traffic and more problems," Hanzel says.

The land has been rezoned from residential to what's called a C-2 commercial zone. That's the least restrictive type of zoning.

Hanzel says many of his neighbors expressed concern over what might go in the space.

"The mayor mentioned last night that it might be a strip club. I don't know if he said that to shock people or not," says Hanzel.

I spoke with Mayor Jimmy Faircloth. He says even though the property's been rezoned, city leaders still care about the people who live around it and how the land is used.

But Hanzel has other concerns, too.

"Many times, I've seen people come flying around the corner, and they're over the center line, and there have been accidents and many near accidents in the area, and the safety is my biggest concern," Hanzel said.


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