Pulaski sheriff says bones found in sand pit

Pulaski sheriff says bones found in sand pit

After the severe weather this week, Pulaski Sheriff Danny Brannen said 8 to 10 bones popped up on this 4.3-acre land. 

On Golden Isles Connection in Hawkinsville, workers found a few bones this week. 

"I think the heavy rain and the wind just uncovered them bones in that sand right there, and they were able to be seen sticking out of the ground," said Brannen. 

Brannen says the bones may date back to the 1850s. He says the GBI and coroner Fred Clark investigated the bones. They want to find out if the bones belonged to Indians or if they date back to the Civil War. 

"We wanted to make sure that they were old bones and there wasn't that recently happened or something that we need to be investigating or looking into further, but at this time, we don't see no criminal activity at all," said Brannen.

The orange flags in the sand pit represent where each bone was found.

"There were a couple of jawbones that we found that still have teeth in them, and I saw the teeth and the teeth looked like to be in pretty good shape for them to be as old as they think they might be," said Brannen.

Brannen says the owner of the land was doing some land work to level it out to possibly sell it to commercial land use.

After digging up the bones, they found out that the area was a cemetery. 

He says he turned the bones over to Coroner Fred Clark.

"The coroner advised me yesterday that we have to keep the bones for a year, and after that, they have to have a proper burial," said Brannen. 

After digging up the bones, Brannen realized that the area was a cemetery.

State law says you can't dig up a known cemetery and remove the remains without getting a permit.

Sheriff Brannen referred questions on whether the property owner followed that procedure to District Attorney Tim Vaughn.

Vaughn declined comment Friday afternoon.

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