General McMahon brings optimism to summit

Tuesday night the 21st Century Partnership held its annual summit to discuss the fate of Robins Air Force Base.

General Bob McMahon and several community leaders visited decision makers in our nation's capital to get a better understanding of the future.

McMahon says, on their trip, leaders told him there wasn't enough analysis to support closing the Air Force Reserve Command at Robins. He also says the chief of staff of the Air Force told him the Joint Stars mission is important and he doesn't see a reason why it would leave Robins Air Force Base.

He also informed those at the summit leaders in Washington support a three depot maintenance strategy, which means the Air Logistics Center at Robins would remain.

McMahon says a thousand cuts would reduce our Air Force aircraft by 500 in five years and given the choice between that and another BRAC, we should pull for the latter.

"I will tell you as we work together, as we solve the few issues that we face when the conversation begins between BRAC versus a thousand cuts, I would tell you that we have every reason in the world to believe that the future will be bright should another BRAC come." says General McMahon.

13WMAZ talked to some elected officials who were at the summit and also traveled to the Capitol with the 21st Century Partnership to get their reaction to General McMahon's announcement.

"Those problems are going to get straightened out and everything is going to work smoothly Robins has a bright future and that's what I pulled away from the trip to DC." says Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms.

Mayor of Centerville, John Harley, said, "We have a lot of work to do and we have to keep our nose in the ground as far as I am concerned, but I think we can do it and I'm seeing a rosier picture than I had."

Toms said, "The community is going to do what we always do and we're going to pull together and we're going to show our support."

General McMahon said Robins Air Force Base needs to improve relations between labor and management and productivity.
The 21st Century Partnership anticipates the next BRAC in 2017.


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