Robins Reserve Band Practices for July 4 Celebration

You have one last chance to watch the Air Force Reserve Band in action.

They are headlining the Independence Day Celebration in Warner Robins.

The band is using the last few weeks leading up to the big hurrah to practice.

"We are not losing our jobs, thankfully, but we will be filtering into the remaining bands that we have left in the Air Force," says Frances Kness, the vocalist of Reserve Generation.

Sheinitially joined the Air Force as a weapons stimulator, but her love of music lead her to join the band.

"You're not only supporting your country, but at the same time, spreading a good message for the Air Force and also teaching people around you," she says.

But she only has a few weeks left with her four bandmates. The band was eliminated after a series of budget cuts at Robins Air Force Base.

"It's sad to know that it is our last concert. Literally, the next day, we start moving our separate ways," says Kness.

The Reserve Generation has played together for three years,"Which is a little unheard of in the Air Force band with the amount of personnel changes that happen. I feel a little spoiled for being able to play with these musicians for this long. We've been able to gel together really well," says Michelle Hooper, who plays the keyboard.

Hooper is assigned to the base inVirginia. Kness will be flying to Illinois.

There are 33 members in total that will be joining five other Air Force bands in the country.

This year's celebration will take place at McConnell-Talbert Stadium on July 3rd.

This will be the last performance for the Air Force Reserve Band.

The music will be followed by a fireworks show.


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