Ballot question would tax 'adult entertainment'

State senator wants sex businesses to pay

One Georgia Senator has seen too many children exploited for sexual profits, and she says it's time to take a strong stand.

She says a proposed state constitutional amendment is a step in the right direction.

"Atlanta was ranked #1. It's right up there with Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, as a major sex trafficking area," said Senator Renee Unterman.

That's why Unterman is backing constitutional amendment question #2 on the November 8 ballot.

"It's an amendment that creates a permanent indelible fund that sets up money for children who have been sexually exploited, specifically sex trafficking of children," said Unterman.

She says kids as young as 9-years-old are victims of sex trafficking.

"It's actually yours and my kids," said Unterman. "These are kids that go to the mall, these are kids that go into chat rooms and they get picked up at the four-way stop sign right outside their house and unfortunately they're picked up for very bad reasons."

If passed, she says this amendment could bring millions of dollars to the state's Department of Human Resources and the Department of Public Health.

"The money is brought in from adult entertainment establishments where they pay a certain fee and it's estimated between a million to two million dollars," said Unterman.

She says it's a change that needs to happen in Georgia.

"These adult entertainment businesses, they give nothing back to the community, absolutely nothing," said Unterman. "As a matter of fact they're takers, they create crime around their locations. They're in the business of selling sex. So, why shouldn't they have some skin in the game, literally?"

When voting gets underway for the November election, you'll see four proposed constitutional amendments.

Question #1 is Governor Nathan Deal's proposal for "Opportunity School Districts." That would allow the state to take over failing schools, including 13 in Bibb.

The adult entertainment tax is question #2.

Question #3 would abolish the current Judicial Qualifying Commission which disciplines Georgia judges and create a new panel.

Question #4 would use the sales tax from fireworks sales for "trauma care, fire services and public safety.”

Early voting begins Monday, October 17.


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