Superheroes skyhigh surprise for children at hospital

Superheroes surprise children at hospital

MACON, GA.-- - Not even Kryptonite could stop Superman and his hero friends from putting a smile on pint-size patients' faces Tuesday at Navicent Health.

It is not every day your favorite superhero comes propelling down your window for a high-flying surprise, especially if you are a child, sick at the hospital.


"I saw those heroes out the window over there,” says child patient Jordan Love.

"I just thought people were going to fly down the ropes. I didn't think it was going to be superheroes. I thought it was just going to be people flying down the ropes,” says LaKayla Tucker.

It was not just anybody. It was Superman, Spiderman and even the Hulk making a special appearance, shocking the children at Navicent Health.

Patients like Jacob Love say they were impressed by the sky-high surprise.

"That's my first time seeing people coming, seeing heroes just jumping off roofs,” says Love.

His mother, India Love, says Jordan's been coming to the hospital for the last 11 years after they found out he had sickle cell. She says the people at The Children's Hospital Navicent Health are more than just the staff to her.

"This hospital and the people that are here they're more than just the nurses and the doctors. They're like family because like they come in they make sure everybody is fine. You know they touch our hearts,” says India Love.

She says she loves anything that can put a smile on her son's face, even if it means getting his favorite characters to show up outside his hospital room window.

"He looked so surprised and happy and I thought it meant the world to me, because I've seen him smile for the first time today, actually, because he's been crying about going home,” explains India Love.

Even Superman says he was inspired by his own daughter to dress up while he washed the windows at the children's hospital. He says he is glad they did it.

"It means a lot to me and all of us. You know any chance we can get to cheer up a kid who's in the hospital and is sick is a good day for everybody,” says Superman.

Turning a normal day at the children's hospital into a super...hero day!

The superheroes told us it was their first time dressing up to wash the Children's Hospital windows, but they say they won't be washing the windows any other way in the future.


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