Twiggs commissioners discuss budget deficits

Twiggs Co. commissioners discuss money woes

Twiggs County commissioners say county finances could be in the red soon.

Chairman Ken Fowler was so concerned, he asked the Middle Georgia Regional Commission to attend Tuesday's meeting and discuss spending.

Our Yvonne Thomas sat in on the meeting and says it’s hard to tell if they have a plan to tackle the deficit because one was never mentioned.

According to the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, Twiggs County does have some major money problems.

More than fifty people came to the Twiggs County commission meeting, including all five commissioners, and tensions were running high.

The meeting lasted almost four hours and after regular business, Executive Director Laura Mathis talked about the county's money problems.

“This isn't something that came up overnight. It’s something that’s been going on for a while,” said Mathis. “I think both Senator Lucas and Chairman Fowler want to see that stop, and so it's about giving them good information and good options for how they can get their spending and their revenue under control.”

Mathis says the county spends more than $300,000 per month more than it takes in and by the end of September, she says the county account will be $200,000 in the hole.

She said that means they'll need to borrow money, or make cuts.

“We thank you for your help, we appreciate your work, but we are well aware of our situation,” said District 3 Commissioner William Bond.

Some commissioners disagreed and said they expect to have cash left over in September -- about $150,000.

“Some of them took it seriously, some of them just kept trying to prove their point,” said Twiggs County resident Thelma Floyd.

“I think it’s a situation that needs attention,” said Mathis.

Many commissioners say this is an ongoing problem. They recognize that they have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

At the current rate, the Regional Commission estimates that Twiggs County's deficits will rise past $2 million in 2016.


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