Wheeler Co. picks up after Hermine

Cleanup underway in Wheeler County

The southern counties of Central Georgia were hit the hardest by Hermine. In Wheeler County, EMA Director Steve Adams says the storm didn’t hit the county too hard. They did have a several trees fall over, and a few power outages. 

One family in Glennwood wasn't so lucky. They ended up with a pecan tree lodged in their roof.

"This is the strongest wind I have ever witnessed, and I was standing there in the doorway," Judy Johnson said. 

That’s when she started to pray.

"Then just all of a sudden like, 'Wham, wham!' This one fell, then that one fell over there," Johnson said.

One of those trees caused extensive damage when it landed one their house.

"We got a hole in the ceiling in the dining room, and the insulation is like 2 feet down in one place, and all of it is just hanging by a thread," Johnson said. 

She thinks her family is blessed, and says it could have been worse.

"Even though we have all this damage, it can be fixed, it can be replaced, but  people can't, animals can't, but we're all fine," Johnson said.  


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