Hospital staff working without pay

Employees at Lower Oconee Hospital say they haven't been paid for almost one month.

Back In April, we first reported on missed paychecks at Lower Oconee Community Hospital.

A couple of employees told us that this Friday will be the second pay period where they haven't received checks.

The CEO of the company confirms this. Norman King says none of the 75 employees in his hospital have been paid for 4 weeks.

He says, "It's not something I'm proud of but we just have to work through it. I hope to pay them today or tomorrow. I have their checks ready but the cash flow is not such that I can release the checks."

We asked him why the hospital is having financial trouble and he says that because Medicaid just got reinstated in the hospital, he has not received all the payments yet, only some.

He also says he is appealing Medicare's decision to withdraw the hospital's provider number. He says, "I am looking into other ways to pay my employees. I have contacted the department of community health and requested emergency funding for their checks."

According to King, two employees have walked out because of the lack of payment.


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